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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christingle Service and some more

Don't know what is christingle? Don't worry neither did I few hours before! Apparently it's is a big thing here, because we had a formal chapel tonight. So what it is then? Well just an orange pierced by toothpicks with gummy bears and stabbed by candle. Then almost ritually lighted by one candle form the front. Of course under scrutinising fire-hazard safety conditions. Traditions are different all around the world so I shouldn't be so negative, should I? This one started in 1749 in a church in Germany by a Bishop. His name was Bishop John de Watteville and he led worship among the Moravian Congregation in Marienborn, Germany. He was the creator of the Christingle service. Christingle means "Christ-Light." The whole service was as usually full of hymn singing, praying and students reading various speeches and "funny"-christian-for kids-orientated dialogues. At least they are trying to make it interesting. Actually at the beginning of the year I found it interesting, but now I am starting to find them ridiculous, naive and brainwashing. The main point was to create a christingle and after we have done so and sung some more songs the service was over.

But there are other things happening as well. After I came back from London I focused on teaching. In the last week one teacher is going for her honeymoons so I will take over all her lessons. Finally some action! So I have two weeks to assimilate with her classes. Right from beginning I can say that I enjoy it much more than the ones I had with my boss -head of Maths. This teacher is much more relaxed and so are the students. The way she teach is maybe little traditional but she is really nice and natural -not like... Nice is that except from year 8 she has top sets or set 3 in year 10. The students are divided into set according to their maths skills, so it's obviously better to teach set 1 then set 5 because the kids like what they are doing!

As you already know teaching is not the main area which occupies me here... there was an annual staff vs. students basketball match this Wednesday. We all knew that students are much better in the game, and in good physical shape -well what do you expect when they have trainings twice a week and match at least once a month! Unlike the teachers who never played to gather! Despite this tremendous disadvantage we were not hammered and the final score was 22:17 for students. Well done and much enjoyed! Then on Friday I participated in 4-a-side football, so my week was quite active as usual. I was on duty during the weekend, which meant that I had to be in the house all the time, but unlike the other assistants I have no problem with finding something to do, so I enjoyed it and relaxed as well.

Lastly a thing worth mentioning. In our house was one boy -Brano (names are changed just to protect my self). He was a trouble since beginning and I was told that he is in the boarding as a punishment for his previous problems. I had few serious issues with him. The last one happened this week. He and his roommates messed about just before the lights out, so me and Dano -the head of house- took care of it, or better to say Dano get really angry and yelled at them using vast variety of swear words. The next morning Brano called me "penis" because I haven't done anything to stop Dano... well altogether it was just too much so I have written a letter to Headmaster and Head of Boarding and poor Brano is expelled from boarding and also from school for two weeks -at least that's what I heard so far, but I still don't have the official answer...

Well that's it from last gossips... see ya!

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