Just Exploring

Little by little we make small things big. Step by step we move forward. Following the right path, the Eightfold path, makes me calm, steady and happy. Did you find yours? Everybody has one, just some must look deeper or look for it longer. Just explore and it will unfold naturally.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I'm back from another exciting journey. It was shorter than the last one, but much more intensive and real, because I was limited with money, and because I visited different countries of course. It was also harder and more difficult, but therefore I like it more, and I have really nice and “strong” memories. The trip can be divided into 3 main parts: hitchhiking there and back –this was the most difficult part, because I was alone, so I was thinking a lot..., plus I made more than 8000 km criss-cross Europe, so I was thinking a lot..., I had to talk to many drivers, I had to stand many hours on the sun, and some also in the rain! ...but I like it, so it's not such a big problem for me as it could be for somebody else. I made it in 6 days from Bratislava to Algeciras and in 5 days back -well actually in 4 days from Malaga, but it took me whole 24 hours to get from Algeciras to Malaga -shit I waited 19 hours on one gas station (with 3 euros -witch I spend for the train from Bratislava to Galanta)!!! Second part was the days in Barcelona and Urie's house with nice Spanish people. It was different part because everything was secure, calm and Griss took care of me -thanks a lot. This was like a party & relax part, I liked it a lot, but it also meant some extreme for me. The third part was actual Morocco. This was the most hard core part - exciting trip to wild world of Arab's and Berber's. I met my two friends -Ivan&Lubka, so for this two weeks I wasn't alone. We went through a completely new and unexplored world. I smelt the aroma of Africa and tried the taste of poor and dry country. Country too close to Europe, so too jealous for wealth (off course nobody knew that we are from poor Slovakia). We don't have too nice feelings about the Moroccians people, because they are already too greedy and completely unresponsible, and spoiled by tourism! Beyond all they'r "hospitality" and "Bon Jour" there was graving for profit from us, or directly getting the cash. I can understand that they need to live from something, but if they're hiding business behind so famous unconditional hospitality, than I'm sad, and if it is just everywhere than I'm pissed of! Almost all of them had this mask: "Hello how are you? Welcome in Morocco…. Come to my hotel, or come and by this so I can have profit from you, or give me one dirham", and if we wasn't responding correctly, then they was pissed, and they was saying that we don't understand they'r mentality!!! One kid even sad "F*** of" after we sad we don't have much money… I know this little bit from Turkey, or Central America, but in Morocco it was just 100 times stronger, it was everywhere, and all the time. It's sad but we didn't met anybody who would be behaving really without any conditions!

But anyway it was an excellent and interesting trip. We explored the North Africa. First we went to Fez -this city lives still now like it does 1000 years ago!!! Big and Chaotic medina (old town) with lot of shops, and people. Lot of new smells and views for me… It remind me little bit Nicaragua because we met lot of travelers. From there we went to Merzouga, small town on the edge of desert -–small part of Sahara. AAAAAaaaa this was just too hot to bear, but we wanted to try it. For one night we made a trip into the desert. Strong and hot wind, plus send everywhere that's what I remember . Than we went to High Atlas mountains. First we visited famous climbing spot Todra Gorge and latter I hiked J. Toubkal (4160m). I did it alone because my friend catched altitude sicknes -she couldn't breath and start to feel really dizzy, latter she was vomiting and get a strong diarrhea too. It was really bad for here but , she get through it. During the descend from the peak I swapped my tent for beautiful berber carpet! From there we went to Marakesh, also big and old town, but already too modern and not so interesting as Fez. The last stop was amazing waterfalls called Ozzoud. Well but I thing the pictures will tell you more.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Here we start.... Small town Merzouga on the edge of desert Erg Cherbi, camel's and me and 45°C in shade (120 F). If you check the map is quite far away from Borders. Well the reason is very sad. All pictures since Ceuta till Fez (except one + one video) are gone... We burned them on CD, but this get broken on the way back, and we had only no back up CD... So we got only pictures since Merzouga till the end. This town is close to Algerian borders (witch are closed for everybody) so one could think that it is dangerous out there, but is not. The desert makes a safeborderr zone, because it's not so easy to cross it. Anyway we did a small trip to explore new surface for us.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Chill out

This is how we chilled under the date palm trees. It was so hot that we was not able to do anything. We did only the necessary stuff like getting the water, cooking food (only soup) and laying down. The wind was more hot than the standing air because it came from sunny areas. Don't get it wrong we red only for couple minutes and than we get too tired to read any longer...

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Travelers in Morocco! Well we all should bow down in front of Lubka because she did it all with almost no comments, no arguing... In the middle of the trip (High Atlas) it was finally too much for here -but I would like to see you with altitude sickness, bad diarrhea and dirt everywhere!!! It was hard for us as well. We slept under the plain sky, we et the cheapest food, drinked just iodine water and always moved with our baggage on the shoulders. No one from us will ever forget the first night in Morocco: it was in Tetouan. We came to the town at night and didn't wanted to stay there, but there ware no more busses leaving till morning. Of course there was also no good time to look for bugged hotels, so we decided to sleep close to Main Bus Terminal... Probably the most dangerous place in town. There was on old market place and mosque, so we just laid (well half laid half sit) down there. Just so with backpack under the heads. There was an old guard who told us to move closer to him, so he can watch us during the night. Thanks to him we closed our ayes at least for couple seconds. It was really loud and noisy place with lot of drunk guys. And marocains don't look friendly even if they are sober -at least not on the first look and during the night. There is no other girl like Lubka...

Saturday, September 17, 2005


The desert!!! Something none of us saw and tried before. I sad tried, because to make a trip to a desert means to feel it with all senses. Ears, because of the wind. Touch, because of the sun and sweat on the skin. Taste and smell, because of the send in your mouth and nose. And of course ayes, even because there is maybe not much to see, but one will never forget the picture of desert.

Friday, September 16, 2005


This is what I like the most. Meet the other cultures, talk with new people -as far they come from that far I enjoy it! These Berber kids didn't talk much english but they're ayes was glowing and they're souls was clean...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

High Atlas

High Atlas was definitely the most exciting part of the trip. It was also something like a middle of the journey - we stopped going south and after hiking the highest peak of north Africa we turned around and headed back north. We spend 3 nights in mountains -finally we get chilled little bit: While I was descending the J. Toubkal there was an ice storm!!! I was so glad I had my rain jacked -even I didn't needed it almost the whole trip.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


As I sad we get there by hitchhiking, so we wanted to try it also in Morocco... well nice try but we gave it up pretty early. It didn't look always like this. No, the problem was money. They wanted us to pay for hikes -of course as much as possible. We didn't knew how much is enough so we decided rather to travel by buses and cabs cause they have fixed prices.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


The ***** (five star) hotel in Marrakesh looks like this. No I'm just kidding of course. But if you have 20 euros and you are 5000 km (3200 miles) from your home I'm sure you will call place like this five star hotel too. We had A/C -it was on the top of the roof with no wall as you can see. We had beautiful view of the town, we had original berber carpets on the wall, enough to eat, enough to drink... what else you would like to have?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Olive shop

Markets are other famous thinks in Morocco. Basically they sell everything you can imagine... many times delicious stuff other times just rubbish. We spended hours walking trought them... even we didn't had money to vast

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Street of Marrakesh

We don't have much pictures from town because as I sad we lost the pictures from the beginning of the journey -in Fez we did lot of pictures of medina (old town) and town as well, and since than nothing else was so interesting... This one is from Marrakesh

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Cascades Ozzoud

What is your definition of paradise? The cascades Ozzoud are pretty close to mine... I spend the last day here. Swimming in the fresh water, taking the sun bath (to get at least little bit tan) and gather enough energy for the trip back

Monday, September 05, 2005


When I sad paradise I mean it!!!