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Friday, September 28, 2007

School activities 2

As I already mentioned the schools activities doesn't focus only on sports. There are many other opportunities how to develop one's potentials. For example this Wednesday there was another annual event called Sponsored walk. I heard about it from here to there for last two weeks but could really get the point. It is only after I've done it I know what it is about. It is an event which has a very venerable goal to achieve: raise money for charities. But what's good on it is that it doesn't do it the usual way, like you just go and ask for donation. The whole school from 4 year old junior pupils till the 19 years old senior students, teachers and even some parents goes for a nice 16km walk around the Harrogate countryside. So once again I didn't waited till somebody will invite me and signed for duty on cross-walk, where I made sure that everybody would cross the street safely. After I was frozen to bones and everybody was gone I joined the last group of teachers. I didn't took long till we get to the edge of the town and hit a nice park with beautiful views. But that wasn't all. The marvelous pictures were just to come. Somewhere further down the public track we crossed some rough farms. The landscape we were in was exactly the one you are probably imagining right now: huge lawns (almost typical smooth English lawns -surprising for such harsh conditions), stone walls and brick houses. The climate was also copybook England -chili wind, cloudy sky and occasional drizzles.

During the walk I got to know the history of the whole idea. It started 35 years, originally it took place on may state holiday -so the whole families can join the walk and it was also longer about another 15 km. As time went on there were some adjustments done to it, but until 5 years ago it was left unchanged.

How are the money raised? Students are asking literally anybody they can for sponsorship. The sponsor can give anything they want so it may be as symbolic as 1£ and as generous as 100£. Last year the total amount was 25,000£!!! There are always 3-4 different charities where the money goes. This year there is already promise for 17,500£ but that's only what is promised on the sponsor slips. Usually the students raise more.

At the end of the walk I was little tired and frozen, but nicely refreshed and enchanted. It wasn't really a hike, we only walk in one level, but still it was quite long and the weather was as I described. It was a great occasion to chat with colleagues and to have a look on my surroundings. Looking forward to explore more.

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Nazdaaaaar Janči,good job my niga.Dnes som si vsetko precital a ozvem sa ti na mail,zatim sa maj a poznavej:)Tomas Deli