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Friday, September 28, 2007

School activities 1

What I fancy on this school is the vast range of activities it offers to students. Sports are playing important role in the school life, but it doesn't stop there. Many schools in England are focusing only on one sport for boys (rugby, football or basketball) and one sport for girls (netball, swimming or hockey). Ashville tries to cover every common sport and leave the choice on students. Some every week day afternoon three is different sport fixture or practise. They even distinguish two types of physical education: one is called P.E., which consist of academic p.e. and then sports and the other one is called Games which aims to prepare a school team for particular sports. So every student goes through every sport and theory of sport and body behavior during p.e., but also work on his own interests in his favourite sport during games.

This Monday there was an annual staff vs. students hockey fixture. So I didn't hesitate and took part in it! Well it was only after I got to the pitch, that I realized that English hockey have nothing in common with our ice hockey neither the floor ball which I played several times at Lewis. Rules are quite complicated, there are many restrictions and the pitch is huge.

For example you can't touch the ball with other side of the stick, or with your feet. If it happens than the opponent gets the ball. That literally means that after one hour of playing I barely touched the ball, without ruining my teams changes to win. Who do you thing was the winner? Yes, it's obvious, that students are in better shape -their stamina can't be compared with 45 year old teacher. And of course their technique is developed during p.e and games so it was a small miracle that after the first half the score was 0:0. But after our endurance started to vanish the umpire whistled three goals in the second half and the game was over -I didn't even get sweat. Well at least I participated.

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