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Little by little we make small things big. Step by step we move forward. Following the right path, the Eightfold path, makes me calm, steady and happy. Did you find yours? Everybody has one, just some must look deeper or look for it longer. Just explore and it will unfold naturally.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Travelers in Morocco! Well we all should bow down in front of Lubka because she did it all with almost no comments, no arguing... In the middle of the trip (High Atlas) it was finally too much for here -but I would like to see you with altitude sickness, bad diarrhea and dirt everywhere!!! It was hard for us as well. We slept under the plain sky, we et the cheapest food, drinked just iodine water and always moved with our baggage on the shoulders. No one from us will ever forget the first night in Morocco: it was in Tetouan. We came to the town at night and didn't wanted to stay there, but there ware no more busses leaving till morning. Of course there was also no good time to look for bugged hotels, so we decided to sleep close to Main Bus Terminal... Probably the most dangerous place in town. There was on old market place and mosque, so we just laid (well half laid half sit) down there. Just so with backpack under the heads. There was an old guard who told us to move closer to him, so he can watch us during the night. Thanks to him we closed our ayes at least for couple seconds. It was really loud and noisy place with lot of drunk guys. And marocains don't look friendly even if they are sober -at least not on the first look and during the night. There is no other girl like Lubka...

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