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Little by little we make small things big. Step by step we move forward. Following the right path, the Eightfold path, makes me calm, steady and happy. Did you find yours? Everybody has one, just some must look deeper or look for it longer. Just explore and it will unfold naturally.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Here we start.... Small town Merzouga on the edge of desert Erg Cherbi, camel's and me and 45°C in shade (120 F). If you check the map is quite far away from Borders. Well the reason is very sad. All pictures since Ceuta till Fez (except one + one video) are gone... We burned them on CD, but this get broken on the way back, and we had only no back up CD... So we got only pictures since Merzouga till the end. This town is close to Algerian borders (witch are closed for everybody) so one could think that it is dangerous out there, but is not. The desert makes a safeborderr zone, because it's not so easy to cross it. Anyway we did a small trip to explore new surface for us.


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